Project: Pre-Apply Job Insights
Client: Careerbuilder
When: Q1 2015
Role: Information Architecture, Interactions, Prototyping, Visual Design

The Problem

One of Careerbuilder's largest values lies within the data we and are able to share with our users. Particularly when it comes to helping users understand why they may not of heard back, so Careerbuilder developed the job competition report. This report allows users to find out where they stack up against the competition, giving them insights into why they may of not been chosen. The problem is this report is only shown to users with an account and even then is hidden within their dashboard.

How can visibility of this report increase and how can we provide that benefit to users who may not have an account.

A sample of the competition report

The Experiment

Getting this data in front of users became a matter of placement, and where better than right on the job description itself. The images on the right show the evolution of the wireframe up to the test screenshot.


The Outcome

From obfuscating part of the data we were able to convert a small percentage of users to registered users. However we negatively impacted our application rate, digging deeper it was found this actually decreased low quality applicants. Finally we noticed an increasing positive feedback we received through our feedback tool citing the report.