Project: Application Resource Optimizer
Client: AT&T
When: Q3 2011
Role: Information Architecture

The Story

With all of the recent app development happening at AT&T, they wanted to develop a tool to understand how their apps were affecting battery life and bandwidth using.

The tool and the report were created, but were found to be less than friendly to the end user.

I was tasked with improving the information architecture of the report making it easier to understand.

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The Approach

What does this blue circle mean on Connection Opening?
— Beta Test Developer

Luckily for us when AT&T approached us for redesigning the ARO report they already had internal clients who were using the application. This allowed us to gather that feedback from developers with hands on experience on this new product.

These tests look like they passed but they’re in the failed section.
— First Time User

From there were applied some basic usability principles, combined with an updated visual style from our visual designer allowing quick turn around to get mocked up reports in front of the user base that already existed as well as users who were waiting to try the beta application.


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The Solution

Through simplifying the use of iconography, an improved layout and better visual markers for the separation of content. ARO has become a tool that is still used to this day by companies such as...

  • Pinterest
  • Pandora
  • IBM
  • and more